Hello, and welcome to The Reactionary Thinker, a blog and news source dedicated to bringing you information pertaining to the ideology often classified as reactionary or far right! I will be using this blog and a YouTube channel, which I will set up shortly, to enlighten members of the reactionary community, as well as those outside of it that have an open mind and take interest in our philosophy. While viewing this blog, I encourage you to expand your mind and attempt to wrap your head around what I will present to you, especially due to the fact that the Far-Right ideology is usually misrepresented by the mainstream media (MSM), our education system, and those generally found to the left of us on the political spectrum. I will make sure to present both sides of all arguments that I make in order to provide you with a less biased and more objective source of knowledge and information, which is lacking in some of the other reactionary blogs and websites that I frequent. In order to ensure the lack of bias, I encourage you to comment with your own sources (as long as you cite them) in order to defend, or even to question my positions.

Now let me give you some background information about myself and why I chose to create this blog. I am currently a Senior in High School and will be attending a highly accredited university for an engineering degree starting in the fall. Throughout my four years of secondary schooling, I have come to realize the degeneracy developing in all echelons of society and in our government, as well as the complete and utter mismanagement of an already broken economic system; I can credit the cause of my realization to the amplification of immoral values by naive teenagers and the culture and society that they submit to. Unfortunately, yet predictably, the societal decline is not being televised. People today from all over the world are being blinded by the ideas of the enlightenment and french revolution: egalitarianism, democracy, and liberalism. Kids are taught in schools that there is no alternative to these three ideas and the media reinforces them by repeatedly promoting them, while at the same time claiming to be unbiased and fair. It is quite a shame that while “Critical Thinking” skills are drilled into kids heads today, they don’t encompass the true philosophical depth that those in times past have held and molded, and any attempt to critically think that questions the modern order is laughed upon, discarded, or worse yet, the thinker becomes the recipient of what liberals and left-wingers do best: derogatory name calling.

Fortunately for myself, I woke up. I asked the most important question that a man could ask today: “Why?” I began to study philosophy, sociology, history, economics, and different forms of government. I found people in the far reaches of the internet just like me. I watched their videos, listened to their podcasts, read their essays and blog posts. All the while, I continued to question more and more of the morals and customs of modern society and its so-called “progress”. Now it is time for me to do my part and spread the reactionary ideology. I can promise you that there is a better world, a better culture out there; all it takes to reach it is work, self-enlightenment, and a commitment to the cause.

There are a few rules which all people that comment must abide by:

  1. No vulgar or profane language
  2. Do not engage in personal attacks
  3. If you are going to argue a point, please cite your sources
  4. Keep your messages on topic for the particular discussion you are involved in

Thank you for taking the time to check out my blog as well as the reactionary ideology. This site should soon be up and running at full capacity, so make sure to check back often and follow it!


4 responses to “Welcome!

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  2. The reactosphere grows. Welcome!

  3. Congratulations on your enlightenment. Welcome to this weird, weird corner of the web. We are outnumbered, marginalised, and probably even outgunned. But dont lose heart; reality will out.

    I will be watching your career with great interest, sir.

    Deo Vindice!

    Your Humble Servant,

    The Avenging Red Hand

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