Friday Featured Article: April 19th, 2013

For the first Friday Featured Article posting, I would like to highlight a piece by Christopher Jackson, a high school teacher in the United States. In this article, from American Renaissance, Mr. Jackson describes his personal experiences educating a class comprised of predominately black pupils at a Southeastern United States High School. Although this article is around four years old, I dug it out of AmRen’s archives because it highlights some of the pressing problems with our education system regarding blacks and their mindset towards schooling. Mr. Jackson doesn’t restrain his writing with “political correctness” in any way and through his personal experiences, he is able to paint an image of how black culture has shaped the minds of young African American students and how it has turned them off to the idea of learning, favoring the accumulation of material wealth and multiple “hoes” over knowledge.

Until recently I taught at a predominantly black high school in a southeastern state. I took the job because I wasn’t knowledgeable about race at the time, and black schools aren’t picky. The school offered me a job and suddenly I was in darkest Africa. Except, I wasn’t in Africa; I was in America….

Read the rest of the article here


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