Friday Featured Article: May 10th, 2013

This article is from a British Nationalist named Sean Allan, who goes under the username MarmiteMan4. In this article, he discusses the Golden Dawn’s recent “takeover” of Greek toll booths in an effort to allow the suffering native Grecian people to pass.

However, instead of trying to change and manipulate the story, the MSM is simply ignoring it. There is no possible way they could spin this event to make it seem like the good men and women of the Golden Dawn are “Neo-Nazis” or anything of the like. And like Alduos Huxley said in his introduction to Brave New World, the best form of propaganda is silence about the truth. I mean the real truth, not the sugar-coated version spoon fed to you by the news.

Now, I really want to feature this article for two reasons: One, to highlight the achievements of a young and accomplished Nationalist from across the pond; and two, to highlight how the Golden Dawn wins over the hearts and minds of the Greek people. They don’t do it through fear, like they are portrayed as doing: they help their neighbors. They give them food, water, medicine and shelter. And they do it because they love their homeland, their heritage, their culture, and their people.

You can’t win over a populace who thinks you are some psychopathic group through simple methods such as advertising your cause, or spamming your little slogans (I’m speaking to you, “Anti-Rascist is codeword for Anti-White” people). What seems like a good idea to you and your organization may not win over any supporters, and may in fact deter a larger percentage of the populace. Help them. Be the good men and women you continually label yourselves as.

Check out Mr. Allan’s article here!

Also, for first-hand news from the Golden Dawn themselves, check out this and this!


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