Reactionary Consensus I: Hierarchy

The Reactivity Place

In a post a couple days ago, I asked what can Catholic Traditionalists, Ethno-Nationalists, and Techno-Commercialists, assorted Particularists and non-brain-dead PUAs agree on? In answer to that question, I identified key ideas in what might coalesce into a Neoreactionary Consensus. This is Part One of what I hope to be a ten part series expanding upon that bulleted list.

The first broad area of agreement is hierarchy — a system of rank (formal or informal) within a social group under which the rights and duties of each member are (at least broadly) understood (explicitly or implicitly) by all group members.

Reactionaries affirm that hierarchy is not only natural, but almost purely beneficial to group success. Hierarchy is not merely not evil, but an enabling trait of civilization. Since hierarchy is adaptively advantageous, it is easy to see why reactionaries believe it to be part of the law of…

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