Reactionary Consensus II: Deep Heritage

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In the previous installment, I discussed how reactionaries view the development of hierarchy as a natural human phenomenon that promotes the common good, and adaptive group fitness thereby. Natural hierarchy is foundational to the development and maintenance of civilization. This view is in stark contrast to the Cathedralist (Progressivist) view which cast a Marxian hermeneutic of suspicion on most phenomena that interfere with their hold on power.

In this, the second volume of the planned ten part series on the Reactionary Consensus, I cover something Nick Land dubbed “Deep Heritage”. And while I’m not entirely certain that I mean by the phrase precisely the same thing Land means by it, I will attempt to define it here for my purposes, and explain how it is part of the coalescent reactionary consensus. Deep Heritage is not as easy to define as hierarchy, which…

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One response to “Reactionary Consensus II: Deep Heritage

  1. Interesting proposition.

    Thanks for presenting a decent dialogue on the subject.

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