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Sports, Homosexuals, and Liberals

As you all probably know, there was a homosexual NBA player, Jason Collins, who “came out” in the past month. And just as if cued, the liberal mainstream media is heaping up the praise to this “courageous” man so high, that they begin to lose sight of reality. Now, this post isn’t going to debate whether or not it was right of him to do that(I am firmly against homosexuality, as I believe it is unnatural, possibly even a genetic or mental disorder), but I do plan on addressing the left’s response to people with slightly different opinions.

Just last night, after defeating the Miami Heat in Game Six of the NBA Eastern Conference Championships, Pacers player Roy Hibbert, and I quote from ESPN, “went on a rant” when he used one gay slur as well as made a derogatory remark against journalists. The media was furious over this man speaking his mind, much in the same way Collins did about himself. But what was this slur which he stated? “No homo”. Wow… After perusing through the comments section on bleacher report as well as ESPN, many fans seem to be getting outraged over this political correctness being forced down everyone’s throats. One comment, made by Jkooistr on ESPN.com, gave me a good laugh:

Rudy Gay wears homosexual slur on his jersey during game.”

-ESPN headline is 2014

I could definitely picture that happening.

But why are these players being punished for exercising their first amendment rights? Nowhere in the United States Constitution does it state that we have the freedom from being picked on or the freedom from verbal abuse.

Another great example from the sports world:

Minnesota Vikings star halfback Adrian Peterson recently stated that he was “not with” gay marriage, which is an apparently more controversial statement since his team formerly employed a punter, Chris Kluwe, who is very outspoken about “homosexual rights”. However, the very same people that praised Collins for revealing his “true self” are the exact same ones criticizing Peterson for revealing his feelings.

Neither Peterson’s nor Hibbert’s comments could come even remotely close to being classified as hate speech; even if they were, “hate speech” is not illegal according to the Constitution as well, as it is protected under the First Amendment.

One last example of our media’s homosexual agenda, again from the sports world, a domain previously left for those men of the greatest strength, skill, and virtue.

This comes from ESPN.com and is an article that will be published in the June 10th ESPN the Magazine issue. Titled, Out on the Edge, it discusses Kwame Harris, a former NFL player who unwillingly came out after attempting to take the pants off his ex-lover in front of a Chinese restaurant in Menlo Park. These are the actual first three paragraphs of the story:

KWAME HARRIS walked toward the showers the first day of freshman football camp at Stanford anxious and intimidated. He’d never showered with his high school team. Except for his brothers, he’d never seen another man naked, and he was about to be surrounded by them. He didn’t know where to look, how to look, how long to let his gaze linger. He was 18 years old. A breeze could give him a hard-on. If that happened, he’d have to flee

He approached the crowded tiled room with columns housing several showerheads where men clustered soaping down. “They looked like Greek statues,” he recalls. “I think everybody was looking at everybody else’s penis, but it was more curiosity. Like that’s a medium-size penis, that’s a small one, that one looks like mine.”

A player paused beside him. Kwame was 6-foot-7, 320 pounds, and the teammate, blue-eyed and blond, was about the same height but had a sexual swagger Kwame envied. “Dude, this would be a gay guy’s dream,” the teammate said. “Imagine how much fun you could have here.”

Why in the world is an article on ESPN talking about “hard-ons” and a gay man discussing other men’s penises in a high school locker room? It appears as if the author and the publishers have no problem with children who frequent this site, looking for news on their favorite teams and athletes, reading about this perversion.

It sickens me that topics like this are becoming mainstream. Unfortunately, this is an ominous sign that the liberals, progressives, communists, and social reformers of the world are winning. As much as I hate it when Liberals blindly say “in 50 years, everyone will see the gay rights movement as nearly identical to the civil rights movement of the ’60s”, two movements which I loathe entirely, it may be coming true.  That doesn’t mean we can’t fix the world first though.