Frequently Asked Questions

Who exactly are you?

  • Well, firstly, you can know me as Scipio Germanicus. I am currently an eighteen year old high school student (as of the time of this writing, 24 April 2013) and I will be attending a highly accredited university starting this fall for an engineering degree. I consider myself to be a Reactionary traditionalist.

Well that’s nice, but why are you writing this?

  • Because the world is a terrible place. Looking around at the degeneracy filling the minds and spewing out of the mouths of today’s youth makes me wonder what our society will look like 20 years from now. That vision scares the living shit out of me, and I do not want to see it come true. I feel that I should add my voice to the tiny portion of the blogosphere considered reactionary or far right wing, and hopefully aid in efforts to influence society of my ideology.

But why should we trust you?

  • Tough question… but in short, you shouldn’t. You should trust whatever you believe in deep down in your mind. If you don’t want my writings to spoil it, then don’t pay any attention to them. All this is, is my take on philosophy, politics & government, economics, sociology, and theology based off teachings of other thinkers. Follow your own path, but don’t just be blinded of all the rest because the one titled “Modern Society” is filled with shiny lights, lots of toys, and candy.

Alright, so what political party are you?

  • I belong to none of them. I have voted before (in the previous election), but I now do not consider myself represented by any political party in our American system. Why should I? There are no anti-democracy, anti-capitalism, traditionalist parties out there. No way in hell am I going to compromise my values either. However, the one party that I truly believe could bring about a great change in this world is one that I sadly will never be able to join: the Golden Dawn of Greece. I am not a Greek, nor do I carry Greek blood in me. However, what GD has done for the people of their ruined country and what they plan on doing for it in the future pretty much fits my idea of a perfect state. If only there were Golden Dawns in other Western countries…

So are you religious?

  • I was born into a Roman Catholic household, but the frequency of actually attending Mass during my youth was very low. Due to this, as well as some external influences, I considered myself Agnostic, even borderline Atheist for a time. Essentially, I was one of those guys who believed science could answer every question posed by Mankind, so I followed that cult. But recently, as my own Reactionary Enlightenment was fostered, I have been seeking knowledge about Orthodox Christianity, so that is what I will consider myself right now.

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